Portraits of Ballville

“Portraits of Ballville” is a section in which we tell your story and the history of the Township.  We would like to start our first portrait in the next few months.  Articles will be written, hopefully, which will interest you on the early days of Ballville.  We need you your help with pictures, articles and stories you may have.   We will scan and digitize the information into our computer.  We will return the pictures and articles you share with us.   If you have a picture of a one room school house or the original Tindall Bridge, please let us put it on the website.  If you have any interesting stories from old newspaper articles, we would like to use it on our website.

We are hoping to write a new article with pictures under “Portraits of Ballville” every 3 months.  Please let us know your stories about Ballville Township.  You may contact the Township hall at 419-332-7830 or Bob Kusmer at 418-680-0938. Thank you for your help

Bob Kusmer, Trustee