Township employees are responsible for burials, mowing and maintenance in five cemeteries and one mausoleum located in the Ballville Township.  Decker Cemetery (Tiffin Rd.), Halter Cemetery (SR 12), Hill Cemetery (SR 53), McGormley Cemetery (McGormley Rd.), Mt. Lebanon (Finefrock Rd.) and Oakwood Mausoleum (Oakwood Cemetery) are a priority for the township each and every day.  Some of the stones located in the cemeteries are very old and date back to the late 1700's.  Ballville Township, in the last two years, has hired Stonehugger Cemetery Restoration out of Indiana, to repair, realign, straighten and clean all of the older sandstone grave markers located in McGormley Cemetery.  Ballville Township is looking at estimates for the remaining cemeteries and will arrange for Stonehugger to finish them in the next few years.