Ballville Township picks up leaves at the beginning of November until first snow fall.  The following guidelines are listed below so that we can better serve the township residents.

  1. Rake leaves into windrows next to the road.  PLEASE DO NOT PUT LEAVES IN THE ROADWAY.  Leaves become very slippery when wet and if a vehicle parks on top of them, it could possibly start a vehicle fire. 
  2. Do not put any foreign objects into the leaf piles such as tree branches, dead plants, pumpkins, rocks etc.  If our machine breaks down, we can not pick up leaves.
  3. Ballville Township begins pickup of leaves on the east side of the township and moves west.  Employees will stay on this schedule the entire leaf season and will not back track.  If leaves are not next to road when trucks go through, they will be picked up on the next sweep. 
  4. Please be patient, we will get to your leaves as soon as possible.
  5. NO bagged leaves will be accepted.